The winter book buying moratorium

16 Jul

Well I am back in the country and back to the blog…more about my book adventures abroad later. First up I would like to talk about a bit of an experiment I am conducting with the lil sis – a winter book buying moratorium. This experiment came about for two reasons; firstly looking around our respective book shelves and realising we had many, many books we had on our bookshelves that we wanted to read, but never seem to have time, and secondly to save money. But back to the first reason, I also find I never have time to read my books, but that is not exactly true, I spend lots of time reading – it is more that books have so much competition for my reading eye.

So a book buying moratorium offers me the opportunity to give the books I already own space to catch my eye. The moratorium began on the winter solstice and will end on the spring equinox  – very pagan timetable I know. I have been discovering some great titles on my shelves – first up I have been reading Alexandra Harris’ biography of Virginia Woolf, and also two books in the Alison Bruce‘s Gary Goodhew detective series. I am looking forward to my PD James Death in Pemberley (which I got for christmas), Claire Tomlin’s biography of  Dickens, and George MegalogenisAustralian Moment. So stay tuned for some new reviews.

2 Responses to “The winter book buying moratorium”

  1. livritome July 16, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    You might want to push Death in Pemberley to the bottom of the pile! I found it a big disappointment. But the moratorium sound like something I should look into as well!

  2. sparrowreads July 18, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Damn I was counting on Death and Pemberley to be the perfect combination of crime and Austen!

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